Sex and Illness

Maintaining Sexuality after Medical Issue

After a diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, stroke or any other illness has been received, peoples sexual life usually takes the back seat to the process of just staying alive. Since you are reading this, staying alive has been taken care of and you are looking to start up your sexual life again. This is such an important topic and there's so much information available that we here at Fantasy Gifts ® decided to provide links and references for our customers. I know that generally one does not tell their customers and visitors to go to another source of information, but it just seemed the right thing to do with such an important topic. Your personal physician should also have materials and references for you.

Congratulations to you and everyone who helped you get to the point where your libido is up and running!! Many of the items we carry - lubricants to help with vaginal dryness, pumps and cockrings to help create and maintain an erection, vibrators and strap-on dildos to positioning toys - will assist you in bringing back your sexual self.

Over the years many of our customers have asked questions about their illnesses and sexual issues. After prostate cancer it can be difficult or impossible to maintain an erection and still be able to penetrate their partners. Their doctors had recommended Fantasy Gifts ® for pumps, cockrings, vibrators, dildos and strap-on dildos. Women who have survived cervical cancer and radiation treatments are given a small cheap vibrator or dildo and told to use it to keep the cervix open after treatment as the scar tissue can get in the way. Most women should immediately replace it with a smooth glass or silicone dildo that is much easier on the cervix after radiation. Remember to use plenty of lube.

Some useful sites and references For more general information about sexual health:

The Mayo Clinic 

The CDC 

Minnesota Aids Project

Some useful, more specific sites:



Sexuality and Cancer, for the woman who has cancer and her partner 4657 - PS (1991) American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345 or local chapter Sexuality and Cancer, for the man who has cancer and his partner 4658 - PS (1991) American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345 or local chapter Up Front: Sex and the Post-Mastectomy Woman, Linda Dackman, (New York: Viking, 1990) For Each Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy, Lonnie Barbach (New York: Signet, 1984) Man to Man - When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer, Andy Murcia and Bob Stewart, (New York:St. Martin’s Press, 1990)


High Blood Pressure:

Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple_sclerosis_and_sexual_issues 


Spinal cord injuries:
For Men  

For Women 

Vaginal Atrophy
A site which discusses vaginal atrophy candidly and clearly.