Penis Pumps

Erection Stimulation and Aides

This is a sex toy that uses a vacuum to create an erection. It may also help increase the size of the penis while erect. The pump fits snugly around the penis and uses suction to increase the blood flow to the shaft. Used with a cock ring immediately after removing the penis from the pump, blood flow is restricted and the erection can be maintained longer.

Choosing your Pump:

All penis pumps work with the same basic principle, creating a vacuum so that blood can flow into the penis. Choosing the correct one is more of a personal choice, but there are a few things to look for. The ring around the base should be secure and flexible enough so that a tight - but not restrictive - seal is made around the penis. There should be a release valve or opening so that the vacuum can be released quickly if needed.

A vacuum can be created by either manual pumping of a bulb or other device or it may be achieved with a battery operated pump; these sometime include a vibrating device for added stimulation. The seals come in a variety of designs: plain, vaginal and anal, for whatever turns you on the most.

If you are going to use it to aid with an erection, a simpler pump will work just fine. If you are looking for more of a fantasy and/or masturbation aspect to your erection, choose one with a more realistic sleeve and materials. Remember, while using a vacuum to create an erection can temporarily increase the size of the erection, the results are not permanent. Please follow all instructions provided by the manufactures instructions for a safe and pleasurable experience.

Care of:

If your Pump has a battery compartment always remove the batteries during cleaning and storage in order to prolong the life of the pump and batteries.

Whenever you use your pump plenty of lubrication should be used, make sure to use the correct product for whatever type of materials the pump seal or sleeve is made of.

Any Pumps that are shared should be sterilized if possible and/or washed with an antibacterial cleaner between uses. During storage keep away from other toys as some materials can react to each other. Please follow all manufactures suggested cleaning directions.

Plastic: Wash with an antibacterial soap and water allow to air dry completely.

Jelly/Vinyl: Wash with an antibacterial soap and water. You may use a toy cleaner for extra protection. Allow to air dry before storage. Do not use a petroleum-based lubricant.

Silicone: Seals, sleeve and accessories that are removable may be top rack dishwasher safe. All parts should be cleaned with an antibacterial soap and water and dried thoroughly before storage. Do not use a Silicone lubricant with a Silicone Part.

Cyberskin and similar materials: Cyberskin and similar materials: Wash with antibacterial soap and water pat dry, an antibacterial toy cleaner may be used for added protection. Dust with cornstarch or product provided by the manufacturer to restore non-sticky smooth surface.

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